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Up-Rev brings together engineering and product development expertise to assist companies and customers in bringing products to market and expanding their technical capabilities.  Our expertise in multiple disciplines allow for rapid development and deployment of product in both the commercial and military arena.  Up-Rev’s Engineering Solutions include:

-Complete Product Development Solutions (From concept to production)

-Hardware and mixed signal PCB

-Plastics and Chassis design

-Software/Firmware Development (Embedded, Mobile, FPGA, GUI)

-Wireless Integration

-LED Product Development (Custom drivers, light engines, controls, reliability)

Need help with designing and developing your next product? Up-Rev provides design services ranging from complete system design down to individual hardware or software components.

Latest News

02.20.2014 — Up-Rev Introduces Lighting Solutions Division

Up-Rev announces the creation of our LED Lighting Solutions Division, with the focus on complete LED product development.  We support the full product development cycle with custom AC/DC and DC/DC constant current drivers, Light Engine design, mechanical fixture and plastics design and full compliance qualification of the product.  What separates Up-Rev from the pack is our knowledge of the lighting industry and the deep understanding of the tradeoffs between performance and cost.  Up-Rev can help you set yourself apart from your competitors in performance or help you achieve your fixture cost goals for your existing performance numbers.  We have designed, developed and qualified products for US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan, running the gamut of products from cost sensitive million EAU consumer replacement lamps (A-style, PARs, BRs, MR16) to high power Infrastructure fixtures (Roadway, Area, Flood, High/Low Bays).  Our Team is led by Neal Tingler, former Director of Power Electronics at Lighting Science Group and Electrical Engineering Manager at Switch Lighting.  Lighting is what we know.