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Up-Rev Lighting Solutions


Up-Rev has a deep level of understanding and experience in multi-discipline engineering skill sets needed for complete LED product development.  The Up-Rev Team has been and continues to be on the leading edge of LED product development and integration.  We have developed and produced products for high volume consumer (reaching million piece production) in retrofittable lamps (PARS, A-style, MR16 and Linear Fixture) to Industrial Fixture (Street, Cobrahead, Low and High Bays, Wall-packs and Flood).  We understand the limitations and tradeoffs necessary for a reliable, high performing LED design.


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Power Electronics

  • Over 40 combined years of power electronics and constant current driver design
  • Isolated and Non-Isolated designs
  • Small power consumer to high power industrial
  • Custom SMPS designs
  • Custom Magnetics/Transformer Designs



  • Wireless Integration
  • Wired
  • 0-10V control, both ANSI and IEC60929
  • Phase cut Triac Dimming
  • Reverse Phase ELV/MLV Dimming
  • Pulse Width Modulation


Custom Light Engine Design

  •  Metal Clad PCBs, Standard FR4



  • Custom and COTS Design
  • Fabrication Techniques
  • Injection Molding
  • Machined and extruded aluminum
  • Cast aluminum
  • Rapid Prototyping


EMC Analysis and Design Support for FCC/CISPR


Thermal and Reliability Analysis: System and Component Level


Compliance and Regulatory

Qualified Products: UL, ETI, CE, JET, NOM, CSA CISPR, FCC



David Henderson,
Chief Development Officer,
Lighting Science Group
“Over the past 5 years I have had the opportunity to work with Neal Tingler in several facets of the LED lighting industry.  This included project scope and budget creation, the engineering of new products, project management, cost management, and production readiness support.  Neal is creative as well as realistic when setting and achieving project objectives.  He possesses the rare ability to design and develop market meaningful products while keeping a 360 degree view of how it will impact the overall business system.  When issues arise during a project whether they are technical or resource and scheduling conflicts, Neal will immediately bring them to the surface with a proactively vetted countermeasure.  Neal is an avid reader and stays abreast of new technologies that have real world application and result in competitive advantages via cost or functionality.  He not only can conceptualize but can take that concept through to production and production support activities.  I would have no qualms working with Neal on future projects or recommending him to others for complex, big budget projects.”



Andrew Webb
Director of Engineering
Switch Lighting 2011-2013
Neal Tingler is a solid Product Engineer and leader in the LED lighting industry and a pleasure to work with.  As an engineer Neal understands the different driver architectures.  His experience allows him to look at a schematic and understand the benefit versus drawbacks of the design. He can see the real effort needed to bring it from reference design to functioning product.  Neal is good at getting to and solving trade offs between what the customer desires, cost of goods and manufacturing requirements.  He also appreciates the need for a good looking, cutting edge products and is willing to work with Marketing, Mechanical Engineers and Industrial Designers to achieve that goal.
As a leader, Neal knows what is going on in the LED lighting industry.  He works hard to keep in touch with what the industry is doing, and maintains good working relationships with the driver companies.  This effort allows Neal a good look forward at the industry and a sixth sense on developing next generation products. Neal works great with a team of engineers and knows how to evaluate everyone’s strengths while finding ways to encourage and mentor the team to always improve.